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Teacher Tee

I wanted to make an inspirational message shirt for my niece in her new position as a 4th grade teacher.  I used a good quality Hanes Tee and some of my favorite Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV for short).  The white lettering is in another of my favorite products: StripFlock HTV. The StripFlock comes out like a soft velvet, with a bit more body than regular HTV. It is conveniently available from Expressions Vinyl.  Reminder for crafters: The carrier sheet for StripFlock is cold peel and for Glitter HTV is HOT peel.

I wanted to bring the gold glittery feel of the titles into the Black bars and lettering. After some experimenting I made a black not so glittery vinyl with some glitter sparsely sprinkled on top of the Black HTV.

I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut he letters, and a Heat press from Pro World to press the HTV to the shirt.


Back to School should be fun!



Eyelet reinforcements

The theater company had ten vests which laced up the front.  They were made with 1/4 inch eyelets. Over time and use, the eyelets became loose and began to fall out.  The costumer asked me if there was a way to repair the vests.

Then I had an idea. Remember when your 3 ring school notebook paper tore out?   You got these little sticky ring reinforcements to fix the hole.

notebook paper

Badge-A-Minit with Silhouette Cameo

I have a closet full of Badge A Minit parts and a couple of presses. I don’t make many because I dislike cutting out the little circles. I have one of their circle cutters. It is inaccurate, cuts up the designs, and sometimes my fingers. So I was thinking, they sell a cutting machine for $229 that only cuts circles. Ah Ha! My Silhouette Cameo will print and cut the circles a sheet at a time! And it costs about the same, but does so much more!


Don’t get me wrong, Making the badges and buttons is fun. But watching the Cameo make the designs is over the top!
And the Badge A Minit starter kit is very reasonable.



What if you fly?

This is such a powerful verse. The author is Erin Hanson from Brisbane Australia. I bought the cut file from The Hungry JPEG. as part of their Craftalicious bundle Vol.2.  I made this shirt for my daughter for teacher’s day 2016. I would have preferred midnight blue on the powder blue, but alas, I only had black.


Video Tutorial, Owl cut design

Watch this video which takes you step by step to create a cute owl Print and Cut design. The video is about 12 minutes.  Because you make it, you have all rights and use privileges. Use it for personal or commercial purposes.  Use this technique to make other designs. For some reason, YouTube rendered the first 10 seconds a little fuzzy, but then it gets clear. My original was clear throughout.

Crazy Cat Lady

I used a design kindly provided for download by Aki over at Minted Strawberry Blog. It was my first HTV project. The Glitter Vinyl from Silhouette cut easily. I did have a pretty new blade.

Crazy Catlady T shirt

Fix Silhouette Studio Crashes in Windows 10

Has this happened to you? You are well into a design project. You go to your library to get a design. Maybe you want to add a little flower to pretty up your design. You scroll through a few images, and BAM! “Silhouette Studio dies and closes without warning or recourse.
It is so annoying!

First cuts with Cameo

Sheryl Crow said “The first cut is the deepest!”
But for me, it didn’t cut too deep. In fact, it did not cut at all.
I was doing a simple project as suggested in my handy beginner’s book by Melissa over at Silhouette School Blog. She gave very good instructions. First I hit Send to printer, and nothing happened. So I used the file print menu, and the cut-n-print printed just fine. Will have to work on that.

My Silhouette Cameo Arrived Today!

I was so excited when I saw the UPS truck drive up! My new Silhouette Cameo machine was delivered right to my front door. I just couldn’t wait to get started. I quickly looked through the items included with my package purchase. (A quick shout out too Melissa at Silhouette School helping me choose the proper startup items.)

The Bishop’s Hat!


My Grandson is in a children’s musical production of “Shrek”.  So they need a “Bishop’s Hat” for the play…fast!
Oh, and by the way, they also need two dresses for Fiona as a child and as a teen. More on that later.

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