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The Bishop’s Hat!

The Bishop’s Hat!


My Grandson is in a children’s musical production of “Shrek”.  So they need a “Bishop’s Hat” for the play…fast!
Oh, and by the way, they also need two dresses for Fiona as a child and as a teen. More on that later.

I researched images of various popes, bishops, and arch-bishops. We decided on a classic and clean look.  I created several paper templates out of butcher paper to get the look just right, and to figure out the sewing steps for the gold lame cover that is between the front and rear points.  I got dome gold fancy ribbon from Michael’s Craft Supply and sewed the head band. The cross was designed on Silhouette Studio and printed on Silhouette Printable Gold Foil label paper. It has a peel and stick back. It made a shiny gold foil applique for the Cross on the front.

I was pleased with the product. It was available at Amazon.com and Michael’s.