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Video Tutorial, Owl cut design

Video Tutorial, Owl cut design

Watch this video which takes you step by step to create a cute owl Print and Cut design. The video is about 12 minutes.  Because you make it, you have all rights and use privileges. Use it for personal or commercial purposes.  Use this technique to make other designs. For some reason, YouTube rendered the first 10 seconds a little fuzzy, but then it gets clear. My original was clear throughout.

I don’t think you can sell the studio file you create. You would have to make it in Inkskape and save as a SVG file.   The process is the same, and the software is free, open source.   You can learn from this exercise and make many more designs. Only limited by your imagination.


One thought on “Video Tutorial, Owl cut design.

DebPosted on  3:51 am - Jun 7, 2016

JerryCraft – that’s a cute name! Nice Tutorial.