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Hare to Bear

Hare to Bear

Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!

Oops, I mean a bear, we need a bear!  So my daughter is getting the costumes ready and the director wants to use an existing RABBIT costume for a BEAR costume. Only thing is, the ears look too long.


Seeing as they liked the Bishop’s Hat so much, they asked me if I could do some magic on the head piece. I said that’s not a BEAR, that is a HARE!  Wee need to do some “Presto Change-o”.  Well, I would have used a darker fur, but, they provided the fabric, and said “Use this.”


I Got the hood with long bunny ears and carefully disassembled it


So I sewed some new ears and replaced them where the rabbit ears had been.


ALAKAZAM!!  A bear.