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Make a Wish!

A wishing well to dress up an ugly swimming pool pump motor.  We have a little stone waterfall which runs by a re-circulation pump. I wanted to make something to match the mood of the pond like area.  I started using some rough cut redwood fencing panels. I planed them smooth.


Pepper Mill

I love fresh ground pepper. Especially from a home made pepper mill. We decided to make a pepper mill from cherry and walnut woods. The design is achieved by layering alternating planks of light and dark wood, then cutting them on a slant.


Anglo Saxon Lyre

A student I know was very interested in making a Jouhikko. Mind you, I had no idea what a Jouhikko is, or was?  So I looked it up on Wikipedia.

It is apparently a musical instrument of antiquity, a sort of stringed lyre. It makes the type of sounds associated with Fjord music.  If you like, you can hear what it sounds like now and in past centuries!  We studied plans and history. It was VERY cold in the shop, so we got the Scandinavian spirit! She only had a couple weeks to make the item, so I did a trial run with a similar instrument. The Anglo Saxon Lyre is a strummed or plucked lyre, not a bowed instrument.


Wood turning

Some of my Lathe projects.

Anglo Saxon Lyre – Home Made!

I am so excited about this project.
I made a whole page for it.
Anglo Saxon Lyre
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