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What if you fly?

This is such a powerful verse. The author is Erin Hanson from Brisbane Australia. I bought the cut file from The Hungry JPEG. as part of their Craftalicious bundle Vol.2.  I made this shirt for my daughter for teacher’s day 2016. I would have preferred midnight blue on the powder blue, but alas, I only had black.


The Lion Sleeps Tonight, But Not The Tiger

This project started out as a test to make a form fitting Paper Mache mask.  I first molded a piece of aluminum foil to my face. I made sure it wrapped around the nose, the lips, and had proper indentations for the eyes, and over the top of the head.

Kites I have built


This six sided kite has historical beginnings in Sanjo, Japan about 250 years ago.
Rokkakus are generally built by the ratio of “height” to “width” to “distance between the cross spars”. Two ratios can be used: 6:5:4 or 5:4:3. They are used for “kite combat” and often are 1.8 to 2 meters in height. Pictured: height 2 meters.

Gnome Hat!

I don’t have many pictures. But here is the final hat.

It is reinforced felt, with a nice ribbon sweat band, and gold thread fancy brim. He looks just like a gnome.
Gnome hat

Gingerbread Cookie Hat!

I am now the official hat fixer. This was a headpiece with a very narrow plastic head band to hold it in place. It was a bit bland and unfinished.  In addition the headpiece would not stay on the head, and we did not know the actor’s head size. Do a search for hats in the search widget.

Rooster Hat!

The Bishop’s Hat was a HUGE success. And the Bear hat also. So they asked If I could make a rooster hat.  A ROOSTER HAT?

Hare to Bear

Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!

Oops, I mean a bear, we need a bear!  So my daughter is getting the costumes ready and the director wants to use an existing RABBIT costume for a BEAR costume. Only thing is, the ears look too long.


My Silhouette Cameo Arrived Today!

I was so excited when I saw the UPS truck drive up! My new Silhouette Cameo machine was delivered right to my front door. I just couldn’t wait to get started. I quickly looked through the items included with my package purchase. (A quick shout out too Melissa at Silhouette School helping me choose the proper startup items.)

The Bishop’s Hat!


My Grandson is in a children’s musical production of “Shrek”.  So they need a “Bishop’s Hat” for the play…fast!
Oh, and by the way, they also need two dresses for Fiona as a child and as a teen. More on that later.