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Longhorn Skull

The local Junior High school needed a Texas Longhorn skull, or facsimile. “For what?” I asked.  It is part of the Grad Night Party theme. And the real ones are very expensive. I thought about Monsters and decided paper mache was the answer. They had an old plastic skull shell which was broken in a couple of places. I buils a small sand box to support the plastic shell. I put in some cans of paint so it took less sand.

Paper Mache Monsters and Dragons

This is just too awesome.  This post is about a technique for paper and cloth mache for making amazing creatures. The book (on the desk) by Dan Reeder of GourmetPaperMache.com is an excellent guide, and worth getting a copy or gifting one. This is the beginning of a photo essay where my daughter Lindsay and I make our own monsters.  We start by making the hands and feet out of paper, tape, and some old coat hangers.