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Teacher Tee

I wanted to make an inspirational message shirt for my niece in her new position as a 4th grade teacher.  I used a good quality Hanes Tee and some of my favorite Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV for short).  The white lettering is in another of my favorite products: StripFlock HTV. The StripFlock comes out like a soft velvet, with a bit more body than regular HTV. It is conveniently available from Expressions Vinyl.  Reminder for crafters: The carrier sheet for StripFlock is cold peel and for Glitter HTV is HOT peel.

I wanted to bring the gold glittery feel of the titles into the Black bars and lettering. After some experimenting I made a black not so glittery vinyl with some glitter sparsely sprinkled on top of the Black HTV.

I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut he letters, and a Heat press from Pro World to press the HTV to the shirt.


Back to School should be fun!



Oak Signs

People have asked me about the picture on my sidebar.

This is a home made device for creating wood carvings, especially signs. It is a beefed up Pantograph.

I used it to make these two signs for my daughter and son in law. As teachers, they display them in their classrooms.

I create templates for each letter on scrap particle board. The letters are printed out with grid marks and affixed to the wood blocks, and cut out with a scroll saw.

The letter blocks are double size, and the pantograph shrinks them by 50% and this makes any slight defects in the letters imperceptible.

The pantograph is also 3D, so depth is also variable, and a conical follower can be used with a conical router bit to create sharp corners. Almost impossible to do with a round router bit.